Result of Home Inspection

Fri 26 May 2017 by Cecila


When the season for real estates start again, we would expect to hear a lot of building inspections in Christchurch to happen. We need not be surprised because home inspections are required for those who are about to acquire a new property.


Many people would agree to the idea that you should be able to have your property properly inspected even before you make any agreement or sign up to buy the property. Make sure everything is clear so that nothing will get in the way when it is time for you to occupy the property. When the results of the inspection are all successful, then we would be able to buy the property with no holding back. However, when you are not satisfied with the results of the inspection, we can always withdraw our contracts and find another which can really satisfy our needs as a property owner.


You always have the right to say yes or no to the contract which depends on your satisfaction to the results of the home inspection. Another way, other than just saying yes or no, the results that produces dissatisfaction may be used as a way to make negotiations with the contract or the price of the property.